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My account is closed

On the 31 January 2019 I payed an amount of R2475.36, but my account is still closed. I have been contacting Telkom ever since from the 31st of January. I nfact I am phoning every day but still no luck. The agents always promise me that this issue will be sorted in 5 to 24 hours. I submitted all the proof of payments including the bank statements to Documents-TM@telkom.co.za, but still no luck. The agents will always tell me to send the proof every time I am making a call.
This is tiring and the treatment is just unfair. I payed the amount that I was required to pay.

Lastly, last year in November I requested for my banking details to be changed, that was nothing done and as a result the debit order for the month of December bounced and there was no payment. Now I am being charged of Tha, why? I must pay for what was not done by Telkom agent, how? Is that fair? The service I am getting from Telkom is just bad.
How long must I wait for my account to be unblocked again?
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Re: My account is closed

I hate this telkomsa with passion... Unprofessional... Useless and stupid I miss my vodacom
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Re: My account is closed

I never got such a bad treatment from MTN.

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