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My airtime I bought 2 WEEKS AGO is STILL not reflecting

I had contact Telkom yesterday and mostly I was on hold for close to 45min. 


I had contacted Telkom (which was the first time calling you in years since I switched from Vodacom) a week ago about my missing airtime I had bought for two of my devices using the Old Mutual Bank App – which I usually do. The airtime was bought on 04.05.2020 with the R100 airtime for the 08172****** number at 13:44 and R50 for 081******** at 13:56. I resorted to buy airtime using my other FNB account since it didn’t reflect and I had to make an urgent call.


None of the airtime reflected to date. I called your contact center and spoke to Matshidiso Mosedi and she advised that Telkom is currently experiencing issues with airtime being bought via banking Apps. She asked me to send my bank statement – which was sent as below with the two transactions reflecting. She was supposed to log a fault to which I heard nothing since.


I called in again during the same week and was assured by another consultant that the money will be back into my account by Thursday etc. To date I still have no feedback about what is happening with either the airtime I had bought or my money!


I called in yesterday evening and was holding for close to 45min as Xolelwa Ngethu was trying to get hold of a supervisor to get advice on the matter.


Now I had  been REALLY patient with you guys in resolving the matter and you CANNOT tell me it takes over a week to find a resolution! What so annoying about this matter is not only don’t I trust your services in terms of buying airtime or loading anymore it but that I had been using other people’s phones to make calls! I must express my utter disgust with your service and the thievery you pose – especially as a reputable company.

I don’t know whether I am supposed to escalate this further or to make more and more noise in order to get it resolved but it seems like that’s what one will end up resorting to. I have been patient but it’s all going to the dogs.


I need the matter fixed ASAP, I have given you enough time and the lack of response or acknowledgement from your consultant Matshidiso is not helping the situation either. The least she could’ve done other than provide feedback is acknowledge my emails! It is frustrating enough that I have to deal with being scammed by Telkom but to also experience such a service in dealing with the matter is utterly repulsive.


I also sent an email to one of the managers there called abraham ( as provided by Xolelwa Ngethu and is all quiet.


I am hoping that one of you....someone....anyone out there....would be able to resolve it AT LEAST so I don’t end up having to make noise and escalating it further on social media this time.




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