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Over charged-Wifi

I received a statement that I owed R798.94
I've contacted one of your guys and also sent my bank statement to show that telkom debited R299 from my account.
Why am I being charged an extra R299 while it was deducted on the 1st November.
I understand that I'm being charged R200.94 (which is a ridiculous amount) as a rejection fee. R299+ R200.94= 499.94
What is the R798.94 for?extra R299 charge?
It's been a week now and still no feedback given.
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Re: Over charged-Wifi

It is same thing to me too, I have R199 contract, now it shows bill of R699 for this coming month-end.

When I called I was told about the credit I was given and I have not request for such.

Mind you is not the first time finishing Data bundles, when that happens I topup or call for topup, not the automatic.

This is unauthorsed money stollen and not acceptable.

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Re: Over charged-Wifi

the same happening to me

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Re: Over charged-Wifi

Hi there , we have just worked out that we have been overpaying for wifi for almost three years , how did you get your problem sorted ?

Any help would be great please 

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