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Overpayment of account

Good day.


I noticed that on my latest invoices for landline, I have credits on my account and I have been 'overpaying'.


The latest invoice shows the 'total due amount' as "-R1427". It looks like my account had been debited for the ADSL line which I cancelled some months ago.


Kindly advise on how I can get a refund for this amount?

Many thanks.

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Re: Overpayment of account

I got charged a R2.04 interest for late payment - I paid on due date but their system only logged it a day later - while I am actually paying more a month than required. Also I lost 4 days of emails - do not see any credit for that anywhere?

I am totally closing my account - just sorting out the final details. 

Telkom does not deserve our loyalty!

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Re: Overpayment of account

Guys plz help via concellation i've try more than 4 months now but it keep sedating my money they keep loading they are data plz help here is my number 0662404369 my email address is bonganmogola@gmail.com
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