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Pathetic service from telkom branch

I Recently took two Y7 pros on contract, one of the phones was giving me an issue where it would restart on its own or open apps and i wont be able to close the apps....i returned the phone within the 7 working days and was told it will be replaced in two to three days.....my phone was returned on the 16th of may.....it is now the 2nd of june and my phone has still not been replaced. i was told by the manager of the store that they are waiting for a credit note to replace my phone and that she will call the main branch and get back to me with an answer but as usual i still do not receive any feedback and find myself calling the store countless times and going to the branch almost daily and still have not received any useful feedback....can someone please advise me on how to move forward as i have given up speaking to the staff at the store.

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