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Services suspended due to credit limit exceeded

My experience in Summary:



* Telkom imposes a credit limit on customers and then schedule debit orders that exceed the limit

* They then suspend you without the payment being due (account not in arrears), or giving you any warning

* Their Customer Service Agents (I have spoken to 14 different agents to far) are incompetent and none will take your query through to resolution, in fact they each tell you a different story 

* There's never any managers around to escalate to. "they knock off at 4pm" or "they're busy on another escalation"

* They promise to call you back and send you mails confirming what you discussed - but they never do so

* Nobody gets back to you on social media (twitter) or hello peter, or their 'instant chat'

* The Telkom stores claim they can't assist you with billing issues

* It's been a week and counting and they still haven't reinstated my services (which were suspended because of THEIR inefficiencies in the first place)

* I'm waiting for my two contracts to expire and after that I will never take up Telkom services again. Like ever. In my life - and neither will any of my family or friends (if I can help it)




I have an existing Broadband Wireless package with Telkom. Mid-Feb I added a Cellphone Contract. They stated that they won't bill me at the end of Feb, instead they would double-bill me at the end of March. The statement received 1 March reflected accordingly. The bill gets paid via Debit Order.


On the 7th of March I received a nondescript sms, merely stating "Your account for customer xxxx has been suspended due to Credit limit". No warning. 


I phoned Telkom twice on Thursday, spoke to two different agents - neither of them could tell me why my account was suspsended, but claimed they would 'look into it'


I phoned again on the Friday, this time the agent told me that I needed to make a payment because the Credit limit that THEY imposed, was exceeded by the debit order THEY scheduled. I paid the amount requested on Friday afternoon.


I phoned again on Saturday, they told me that it will take 24-48 hours to reflect. On Monday, services were still not restored and this time the agent told me that I needed to send a Proof of Payment (which I did, to her mail address provided)


Monday afternoon I phoned back and they said they don't see the payment. This time the agent gave me another email address to send the proof of payment to (documents-tm@telkom.co.za) The agent said it will take 24 hrs to be "automatically unsuspended"


24 hours later (now Tuesday) I phoned again, this time the agent said it takes 48 hours, and "I must just wait"


48 hours later (now Wednesday) I phoned again, this agent told me that the payment reflected yesterday but I'm still suspended and need to call to ask to be unsuspended - which will take another 24 hours.


It's 24 hours later (now Thursday) and my services are still not restored. Today the excuse is "they have a systems upgrade and can't access their system to check"

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Re: Services suspended due to credit limit exceeded



* Phoned again now, and was told that Telkom doesn't issue "reference numbers"

* I have to wait another 24 hours for "Collections" to resolve my query

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Re: Services suspended due to credit limit exceeded

I just experienced a similar situation... and all the procedures you went through are identical.... this makes me wonder... why am I doing business with them!!!
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Re: Services suspended due to credit limit exceeded

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