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I have or had a Telkom mix package.  My mobile was suspended on 22 March.  Telkom said they sent me an SMS to inform on 21 March.  When I asked to resend the SMS they said they can't because of special characters in the SMS, but the operator emailed the same to me on request.  It is unacceptable to suspend my account with 1 day's (un) notice.  It is a contract for which 30 days notice should be the minimum.

Since then I have called 10213, 10217, 081180 to find a way forward.  It appears the only way is to buy a new SIM card and then port the number.  This is not acceptable.  I can accept that I must find a new mobile package but to have to get a new SIM and go through all that trouble, when I was a paid up customer, is not on.

An attempt on the Telkom web page was disappointing with no action possible on my suspended mobile number.

Does anybody know a simple way forward?  It must not include waiting for an hour in a line in a Telkom shop or waiting 15 minutes for an operator on a call center number, just to be informed to call a different number.  References 2973594 (23 March) and 2979814 (26 March)

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