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Telkom FreeMe 1Gb Contract

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I currently have a FreeME 1GB contract with Telkom Mobile of which I get a monthly data package of 1 Gb and the option to buy airtime for calls online as we need.  Whilst on vacation to the UAE, I recieved a bill from Telkom that I owe them a huge amount due to calls that I made and recieved  while being abroad. 

Initially I thought that if i managed  to make calls its most probably because I call home ( landline ) numbers as our daughter currently staying at our residence and I had to telephonically assist her resetting our home alarm system. My wife still asked me how I managed to call home and I informed her that I have a limit of R500 on my account and enough minutes to make calls home. Be it as it may I got the shock of my life as the bill exceeded R3k of which I can ill afford. 

I can't recall that I have ever signed a document regarding roaming or applied for the service of making calls from overseas. My understanding of a contract is that you can't make calls if you don't have suffucient funds or airtime. I was informed by the agent earlier tonight to contact the roamingsupport@8ta.com of which we tried only to be told the email address dont exist. Please HELP explain to me the meaning of the contract  international roaming limits as according to my knowledge you cant make calls if you have exceeded your account limit (as I had set my Maximum Monthly Limit to R500) .

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