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Telkom Mobile cancellation – 333957835 – 081 764 7044

I cancelled my contract under reference with Telkom effective 28th February 2018 because I changed from using a dongle to ADSL (also with Telkom). This cancellation was submitted timeously bearing in mind the required 20 business days’ notice requirement.


It is now July and I am still being charged every month for this account. One month I stopped the debit order but the next month a double payment was deducted and I have also been charged a R202.70 Payment Rejection Fee.


I have been into the Telkom Mobile shop at Kenilworth Centre and called 081 180 on a number of occasions and have a record of all the people to whom I have spoken. They say they did receive my cancellation and every time the problem is going to be resolved, and then the next month I am charged again. Up to July I have been charged a total of R1 202.92 which needs to be refunded by Telkom who also need to ensure that no further charges are made.


I really don’t know what else I can do and this is certainly not the way to treat someone who has been a loyal Telkom customer since 1974.

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Re: Telkom Mobile cancellation – 333957835 – 081 764 7044

Hi @davidct


Sorry to see this, so frustrating but unfortunately can’t help much as we’re customers in the community , only their support channels can attend service issues (no Telkom support agents in the forum).


If you’ve still had no joy via the call centres you should try sending a detailed message to a Telkom media support team. Log a dispute &  include all your mobile/adsl contract details with previous refs & dates  - they respond well with decent  feedback & results:- 


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza


Email the same to support@telkom.co.za.



Hope this helps. Good luck , please let us know what happens.

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