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Telkom. Pay back my money

After placing an order for an ADSL line from Telkom over the phone, I was asked to pay a deposit of R700. 00 in order for my order to be completed. I went to a post office to pay this deposit. After a few days of not getting any feedback from telkom, I called them to ask when they're going to come and install my line. They gave me countless excuses. After a month if waiting I decided to cancel my order. After cancellation, I requested to get back my deposit. Called more consultants, each of them telling me their system does not show proof of payment. I then forwarded the proof of payment to the consultant... Still after that, I did not receive the phone call I was promised after 24 hours of cancellation.. Each giving me a different excuse as to why i can't get my. Money back. I repeated this 4 times with different consultants two of them named BERNADETTE ISAACS and AKHONA MERELE. I even went to the extent of going into two of their stores to try and get help. All they did was tell me they can't help me and I should call the billing department. This happened at the end of May and I still don't have my money back. I am appalled at telkom and cannot believe that they steal from people. Don't trust them at all!! I want my money!
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