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Telkom billing mess

Good day, I've been struggling since May this year to get someone at Telkom to investigate a very simple problem. I have an ADSL line and no landline phone, since I have a cell contract with Vodacom. Two calls were made from my ADSL line for R42.11 during work hourse. I phoned Telkom and asked for the number that was phoned. They supplied it and I phoned the person in question on my cell. I do not not know the person on the other end of the phone, nor do they know me. As stated, I do not have a landline phone. This is now the third time I'm informing Telkom of this, and I can promise you, they are going to give a generic response and then I'll never hear from them again. I want the R42.11 credited to my account, plus interest. I also require Telkom to furnish me with all previous bills from Jun 2016 which they have refused to supply me. I moved from Parys to Sasolburg end of Jan 2016 and they never bothered to update my billing/mailing address. I had to request over and over and over again that the address be changed, but it seems Telkom employees can't be bothered. The law very explicitly states that you have to send a bill or an invoice to your clients. Since 2016 to May 2018 I did not receive a single bill. In May I saw there is a fault on my bill and would like to be certain that there are no other faults like this, but they are playing hardball and saying I can get these invoices if I pay for them. It's not my fault though that there are such lazy people working at Telkom who can't be bothered to change a simple address, nor to investigate a simple fault. I guess they don't want me to see all the other times they billed me for stuff in error. Telkom has left me no choice and this Friday I will be opening a case at the local police station against Telkom. Billing someone for something they have no knowledge of is fraud. I'm also pretty sure it's one of Telkom's employees who made that phone call to his girlfriend in Vanderbijlpark at my expense. I really wish Telkom would lose their monopoly over telecommunications in this country. We need an honest company with hard working people. Not some government controlled entity who just laughs at their customers and then bleeds them for money. Telkom has no shame, no ethics, and no integrity. And that is a fair comment. Just read all your online complaints. you customer service is disgusting to say the least. See you in court
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Re: Telkom billing mess

I have the same problem.  I need assistance as well.

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Re: Telkom billing mess

I have 2 contracts with Telkom. First is for a 'Home uncapped 20Mbps, appears on my bank statements as 'Telkommobi5030539470' and the second is another contract which appears on my bank statements as 'Telkommobi5032483970'...

Suddenly, out of the blue, 3 debit orders are processed through my bank account and I have no idea why...???

I have tried every possilble Telkom site to try and query my situation but with no success.....


What number can I phone where I am not placed into a queue for 20 minutes just to be told to phone another number which then directs me straight back to the original number!!!


Please advise where I can find a source which can assist with such billing queries...




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