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Telkom in breach of contract and helping themsleves to my bank account.

I accepted the Vuma/Telkom offer. the contract included Router, installation and connection fees. The stipulation was a maximum debit order amount of R1000.00.


Telkom has billed me over R6000.00 for router, installation and connection fee as well as having removed my R1000.00 maximum stipulation on debit order.


They helped themselves to over R2000.00 last month from my bank account with a further R6000 at the end of this month due.


All efforts to resolve have been fruitless.





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Re: Telkom in breach of contract and helping themsleves to my bank account.

Hi @aerad


Sorry to see what’s happened to you, awful mess . Unfortunately can’t help much as we’re customers in the forum - only Telkom can attend service issues.  


You didn’t mention which Telkom support channels you’ve contacted so far,  but if you’ve already lodged a formal complaint to Telkom & they provided a reference but no satisfactory response you could elevate the matter to ICASA ( procedure details & Telkom website info with T&C links below ). 


Sounds like you signed for a 12 month inclusive contract but were charged for month to month package with device & install fees etc., and/or your initial payment hadn’t reached Telkom system before next statement run. 


Fibre Internet Package option

  • Uncapped internet
  • Up to 20Mbps Download Speed
  • Up to 2Mbps Fibre upload speed
  • 12 Month Contract: Modem, Connection & Installation included
  • Month-to-month Customer pays for the Modem (R+/- R1300), Connection Fee (R999) & Installation (R1725). 


Telkom website - Vumatel /Telkom package:-    https://secure.telkom.co.za/today/shop/home/plan/202mbps-vuma-uncapped/


Telkom T& C :-      http://www.telkom.co.za/about_us/download/telkomsstandardtermsandconditionsfortheprovisionofelec.pdf


This section sets out how you, the Customer, can contact Telkom for assistance and how you must lodge a complaint, should one arise. 

  • 10.1  Telkom provides Customer care to all Customers during Office hours, excluding times when it is unable to assist due to reasons beyond its reasonable control.
  • 10.2  The Customer must, once it experiences any trouble with any of the Telkom Services and/or Selected Customer Equipment bring the suspected problem to Telkom’s attention by contacting the relevant Customer care office at the number listed on the Invoice and website. The suspected problem will then be logged and detailed, and the Customer will be provided with a reference number.
  • 10.3  Telkom will use its best endeavours to attend to the complaint as soon as it is possible, which will depend on the complexity and nature of the suspected problem, as logged, as well as resource/manpower availability, but subject always to the minimum service standards set out under the Minimum Service Standards.
  • 10.4  Where a Customer is of the view that the matter has not been resolved to the satisfaction of the Customer, the Customer will have the right to elevate the matter to the Authority, which can be done by contacting either: 


5COMPLAINTSPROCEDURE 5.1Complaintsreportedtothelicensee
(a) Licensees must designate and publicise a point of entry for complaints to be lodged by the complainants. (b) Licensees must acknowledge receipt of the complaint through the 

allocation of a reference number within three (3) days upon receipt thereof. (c) Licensees may respond to the complaint in any manner or format which the licensee considers appropriate in the circumstances, including, without limitation, in writing, telephonically, by e-mail, via short message services or in person. (d) Licensees must formally resolve all complaints from the complainants within fourteen (14) days of receipt thereof.
5.2 Complaints escalated to the Authority by end-users and subscribers 

(a) In the event that the complainant is not satisfied with the resolution of their complaint by the licensees, he/she may approach the Authority for the resolution of the complaint. (b) Licensees must formally resolve all complaints referred to them by the Authority within fourteen (14) days upon receipt thereof. 



Hope above helpful - good luck , please keep us posted re what happens.

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