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Telkom personal not giving correct information that costs clients money

I went to telkom store, asked them that I want to go over from Wifi to LTE, I asked the sales lady what would I have to pay and how long will it take for the landline to go off, it was 4 days before the end of the month, I asked her because its paid op till end of the month it went off the next day,  her words was I can tell her when I want it to stop and no costs, now a month further I have a arrears account of double my normal rate and got an sms that my line is suspended which means they did not do their job, because the line is allready off, now they tell me i needed to give a 30 day notice, that they did not tell me in the store, then I would not have made the change because now i am paying for landline which is off and lte, now i have to pay for a landline wifi that was off for a month

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