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Unfair Rejection fee

I requested Telkom to change my banking details last year but it was never done. Now they have charged me R400 (R200 x 2) in debit order rejection fees! The worst part is I cannot give them proof that the request was made as I did it on the Live Chat which disappears when the chat has ended! I refuse to pay these fees. I have had endless problems with Telkom since day one. Firstly, they took 3 weeks to activate my sim card and then they billed me for the full month even though I could not use the service for the full month. Then I had issues with the modem which did not work for 2 weeks. When I took it in, they had to do a sim swop as there was some technical issue. Then I had an issue with the Self Service Website which kept showing that I have data available when there really wasnt any data! Everytime you try to get assistance from the staff, you get snubbed. In my opinion, this is a company who has great products but poor service and support. I have logged a query regarding the rejection fees. Hope someone is willing to assist....

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