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account suspended



On the 19th February , my cell phone was suspended and I paid the amount owing on the 26 February. Since then my number is still suspended even though my account is up to date. The service centre are not helping as they say the account was handed over. They cannot give me the number of the collections dept either, How do I resolve this matter> 

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Re: account suspended

I have or had a Telkom mix package.  My mobile was suspended on 22 March.  Telkom said they sent me an SMS to inform on 21 March.  When I asked to resend the SMS they said they can't because of special characters in the SMS, but the operator emailed to me on request.  It is unacceptable to suspend my account with 1 day's (un) notice.  It is a contract for which 30 days notice should be the minimum.

Since then I have called 10213, 10217, 081180 to find a way forward.  It appears the only way is to buy a new SIM card and then port the number.  This is not acceptable.  I can accept that I must find a new mobile package but to have to get a new SIM and go through all that trouble, when I was a paid up customer, is not on.

An attempt on the Telkom web page was disappointing with no action possible on my suspended mobile number.

Does anybody know a simple way forward?  It must not include waiting for an hour in a line in a Telkom shop or waiting 15 minutes for an operator on a call center number, just to be informed to call a different number.  References 2973594 (23 March) and 2979814 (26 March)

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Re: account suspended

I have called your helpdesk and Nu debt over 12 times and counting since Friday. How long does an instant payment take to reflect? I get charged for instant payments by my bank however, I do not get to enjoy the value of it from Telkom. I have had a second call from Telkom today, I thought it would be someone advising on the progress of this fault, instead they called to confirm if I am sure about cancelling my contract and that once my account is reinstated would I be willing to upgrade my package, that is very insulting and insensitive considering the burden I’m carrying with this fault, after being advised earlier by Telkom that my account looks “beautiful” from another gent who was offering me a bundle upgrade. The inconsistencies in your systems make it hard for one to do business with you, as your helpdesk department and systems are not aligned.


I have advised the agent that called me that I expect to be compensated for an extension for my 30day cancellation notice as this is  a Telkom fault and I cannot be overly charged, for a service that is underdelivered. Your team is very quick to interact with potential clients on social media advising them to convert or switch to Telkom, however , your existing clients are ignored and not promptly attended to. I think it is only fair that your potential clients have a full view of both sides of the coin.


As I have advised earlier, I have many similar cases in the past that I have compiled invoices of (all faulty). Some cases Telkom would inflate my invoice amounts. Attached is such a case, both of which I was never contacted by a Telkom individual. However, had I taken it to social media or hello peter I would have been respond to  quickly (which I have also done in the past and its exhausting because all I want to do is use my device(s)).


After all is said and done, those reduced rates are not worth it.


Please note I am  not angry, I am just extremely disappointed at how Telkom only considers itself first before its customers,  hiding behind the premise of offering the reduces rates for services that are poorly delivered, and coupled with inflated invoices.

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Re: account suspended


Hi Below is a complaints that i put up on Hello Peter.


My issue is officially going on for two weeks not. My business is suffering and I have provided  proof of payments to your documents departments, escalating to team leasders however my issue is not resolved. ref#:6436380005014235030



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