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incorrect billing



i am on the smart broadband 40+40 gigs for R369 bucks per month since feb the 22nd.


i was only given 5+5 gigs for the month of Feb for R112.25.


Now here is my issue, I am signed up for 40+40 @R369 every month with a device cost of 30 bucks.

this then works out to R339 for the 80 gigs of data, therefore it means that i am paying R4.23 per gig.


so for the 10 gig i recieved for the month of Feb, i am only meant to pay R42.30 since i am capped and this is my monthy cap.


10 gigs of data is an 1/8 of my entire package and having to pay a 3rd if the contract makes no sense to me.


please help

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