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keep getting bill for cancelled landline

appreciate some help on how to sort out this problem:
-october 2015 - cancelled landline (completed forms in telkom store)
-december 2015 - received bill indicating line not cancelled
-january 2016 - reported issue to representative in telkom store and completed additional forms to cancel landline again
-february 2016 - received another bill indicating line not cancelled - went to store and reported to representative who lgged the issue. i receive a confirmation sms with reference number which promises to contact me within 24 hours. no such contact made. tracking the reference number on telkom website states that the matter is closed. but it's not...

please help, how can i resolve this matter?


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Re: keep getting bill for cancelled landline

I have the same problem

December - sent cancellation form

January - Got billed, for the 20days period. that is fine

february - got billed again. have been struglling to get my money back. according to telkom, my line is still active and all I get is that they will email the cancellation department.

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Re: keep getting bill for cancelled landline

Hi, there are a few posts on this topic already - perhaps read there to see if you get any ideas?  You can always search in the green box at the top of this page, or go to this page to see the posts I listed on the same topic - https://community.telkom.co.za/t5/Understanding-Your-Bill/HOW-TO-CANCEL-CONTRACT/m-p/2159#M45

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