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payment rejection fee Beyond upset

Im experiencing the same thing where my contracts are combined to R298 this rejecting fee is also R298 I made a R300 payment and still its sitting on R596 the explanation that im getting is ridiculous to say the least. when I called in I was told I owe over R700 for a contract that is R280 Telkom is full of rubbish 

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Re: payment rejection fee Beyond upset

Hi Telkom I was charged a rejection fee of R200 twicw in September here is the situation 1.My bank did not reject payments 2.I made arrangements to manual eft payments.3 I got payment details from Telkom staff and you have received payments as well ....my account might not be up to date now as Im not sure of the amount owning by month end as I know im not paying rejection fees ...please clarify correct my account due ...thank you
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