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2 Months Trying to Cancel my line...

Welcome to the Telkom Chat service.
One of our friendly agents will assist you shortly.

Please hold for the next available Agent.

10:27:23 AMKoveshree: Thank you for contacting Telkom Residential Billing Chat, you are chatting to Koveshree,how may I assist you?
10:27:30 AM You: Howzit
10:27:36 AM You: I need to cancel my line please: (LandLine Number)
10:27:49 AMKoveshree: Thank you for the enquiry (First Name) . Are you the account holder?
10:27:49 AM You: I can't find any self service option to do so
10:27:54 AM You: Indeed
10:27:58 AM You: (My Full Name)
10:28:01 AM You: eish
10:28:04 AM You:(My Full Name)
10:28:23 AM You: It's listed under (Full registered address)

10:28:27 AMKoveshree: Thank you. Have you tried cancelling on the old or new portal?
10:28:33 AM You: both
10:28:43 AM You: I only get a loading page
10:28:48 AM You: or the option to move the line
10:28:50 AM You: nothing else
10:29:10 AMKoveshree: Thank you. Please verify your I.D number and cell number ?
10:29:16 AM You: (Mobile Contact Number)
10:29:20 AM You: (ID Number)
10:29:52 AMKoveshree: Thank you. Please stay on the line (My First Name).
10:30:55 AMKoveshree: Do you require all services to be cancelled ?
10:31:42 AM You: yes
10:31:50 AM You: I am no longer at the address
10:31:58 AM You: Haven't been since last month
10:32:56 AMKoveshree: Thank you. I will forward your details to the cancellations department so an agent can contact you with regards to this.
10:33:09 AM You: Thanks
10:33:17 AMKoveshree: Is there anything else you require assistance with?
10:33:18 AM You: How do I get a transcript of the chat?
10:33:50 AMKoveshree: You can save the chat once you disconnect.
10:34:29 AMKoveshree: Is there anything else you require assistance with?
10:34:35 AM You: No thanks
10:34:39 AM You: enjoy the rest of your day



This is a transcript of a chat I had to copy out of the window, because there is no automatic sending as stated above!! This was the second chat I requested, first one was lost. It is now 2 months since I made the original request, and for a bit I thought it had gone through. Now I see that the LandLine email invoices are using the same mail alias as the Mobile email invoices.


I would have never looked at these before, as my mobile was on debit order.


How the hell do I get this cancelled. I want absolutely nothing else from this company.

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Re: 2 Months Trying to Cancel my line...

Definetly the most useless service provider with NO respect for their customers and definetly no sense of business etiquete!!! Because of the useless or lack thereof service, I again tried to get in contact with Telkom in order to know what the penalty would be should I cancel my contract now. After requesting a callback numerous times, which never happened, "SHOCK"! I kept phoning them untill I had the courage and time to stay on the line for 16 minutes before my call was answered! The person who answered was very incompetent and after another 15 minutes he explained that I can only know what my penalty will be by following the online cancelation process. I did exactly that, and now it seems I've cancelled my contract, still don't know what the penalty is... and I cant "uncancel"! Bloody useless!!

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Re: 2 Months Trying to Cancel my line...

[ Edited ]

May 21



Your query will be attended to. Your case number is 23439428

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Re: 2 Months Trying to Cancel my line...

May 22



Your case no 23439428 is resolved. Please call 081180 for Telkom Mobile related quereies and 10210 for Telkom Services and Products related queries.

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Re: 2 Months Trying to Cancel my line...

Tried getting onto chat after receiving the "your case is resolved" text message. It never connects.

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Re: 2 Months Trying to Cancel my line...

I'll concede that during April, I did not give this company notice of my cancellation.


I've to date paid for April and May's service, as per my bill. Will likely soon new invoice for another month.

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Re: 2 Months Trying to Cancel my line...

Tried logging another Fault.

I'm directed to https://selfservice.telkom.co.za/assurance/user/troubleshooter, page never loads.

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Re: 2 Months Trying to Cancel my line...

Hi @dudeface


Sorry to see this happening.  We’re also customers in the community so unfortunately can’t help much re. service ( no Telkom support agents here) .


Sounds like your cancellation process was likely only triggered this month per their notice requirements. Media articles this month report that Telkom’s online cancellation facility was fixed and fully implemented at end April 18 .


Probably worth a follow up to login to Telkom portal here & follow the steps -  they then send you a cancellation ref.  :-



Then post a detailed follow up message with your cancellation ref to a Telkom social media support team :-


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:   @telkomza


Hope this helps, please let us know what happens to help others waiting.

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Re: 2 Months Trying to Cancel my line...

Hi there your exchange has recently been upgraded there are alternative solutions with proper service and connection... without copper... you dont lose your number and we will deal with any Telkom related issue on ur behalf during the change over.... also more affordable than your copper network... currently Telkom clients are on per min billing when we can switch you over to per second billing and so so much more

Kind regards Shane
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