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I have some questions concernng 3G FFL WIFI system.


1) Telkom contacted me that our landline will be cancelled and replaced with WIFI FLLA sim card phone system. It will take 5 days to activate the card and during that time my landline will be still connected. I received the package 2 days ago- and my landline is not working anymore. I was told that once I insert the SIM card that I should phone Telkom. This will not be possible as my landline has been inactivated. there is still a signal but cannot dial any number. ( and yes my bill has been paid) 


2) I was told that the charges will not change under my current contract and phone call with SIM card will costs the same as with a landline.

Reading the SIM card package and it states on the card 29C per minute - I am confused with the charges and am suspicious that I was not told the whole story and there will be hidden charges. Where can I get the information about charges for this system? 


What is the real deal ? 


3) Telkom has never given me as the customer a choice if I wanted a WIFI phone with a fixed line or a cordless phone. I am stuck with a fixed line which is highly inconvenient for us. Can we get a cordless instead? 


Last question, Will this phone system still work when we have our daily powercut? 


Many thanks 


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