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Account overcharged

I’m supposed to pay a monthly fee for line rental of R 189.00


I paid for more than a month in my first bill ( please see below ), so expected to pay for only a month in my second, but the value is more for some reason. It seems like I’m paying for some of the same periods that I paid for in my first invoice.


First invoice :  covering period 25/02/17 – 08/04/17 : invoice value Net R 260.41

Second invoice :  covering period 18/03/17 – 08/05/17 : invoice value Net R 337.38 ( makes no sense )


Clearly overlapping periods and value much higher than I should be charged for line rental.


Have emailed my query to the 10210 email address twice now and get no answer when I call, what can I do?

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Re: Account overcharged

hi @Milo80 send a tweet to @TelkomZA and ask them to have a billing consultant to investigate.

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