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Any response would be good

So I have had no telephone or Internet since last week Monday. I logged right after my line went down and a tested everything to make sure it was not me. It's been 8 days now and through multiple calls still have zero indication if telkom will ever attend to my line.
Called every number I could find and am not getting through. 10210 / 10217 / 10219 / 0800 237 500 / 031566 1588. The last one being my local store, but I think they gave up answering any phone calls long ago.
When I go in to ask for a progress report they just call the same guys I tried and tell me "a technician will call me when they are busy with my line".
If the last time I had a fault is anything to go by, should I again expect to go without communications for 3 weeks or is their another way for me to get service?

Alternative is there another service provider that can do telephone and Internet in Durban north?
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