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Been trying to cancel my landline since November

I sent in the requested forms to servcancellation@telkom.co.za and tocfaxes@telkom.co.za on 30 November 2017 and have not heard anything in response to that email. Posted about it on Facebook and you said I needed to cancel my ISP first. Which I've requested and will happen this month (since Telkom takes 30 days to pull the plug).


I've requested the cancellation a number of times through the website and heard nothing about any type of processing. I haven't wanted this service for 6 months so please tell me how to get my landline cancelled and closed!!


Posts: 2

Re: Been trying to cancel my landline since November

Just called the call centre and the lady told me she can see there is still no cancellation request on my landline despite me having done that through every possible channel I know of. She then told me she can't assist me over the phone - so again, I still don't know where to go to get this cancelled.


I have the cancellation support ticket number from the online cancellation - where can I follow up on that request?

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