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Being given the pass around`

Hi there I don't know if someone can assist me as I have lost count of the number of departments  that i have been passed around to!

I moved to a new complex that does not have infrastructure for fixed lines so was unable to transfer my old line - i've eventually found the product Fixed Line Look Alike online which seams like it would suite my needs.


I called the helpdesk to enquire about the product - they mentioned that my area is covered and that i should go in-store to sign up and cannot do it over the phone. I went to the Telkom Offices in Rosebank mall, as the deal suggests that with a 24 month you get a free modem, the store mentioned that the offer is only available when signing online (it doesn't mention that on the site!)


I then came back and signed online and as i wanted to benifit from the free modem, got an automated response to say an agent should call me within 48 hours. The agent did call me but when i mentioned that i would like to signup for the Fixed Line Look Alike Deal - he said that I need to call the call centre again as he cannot assist me. I then once again called the call centre and was transferred to a department which i eventually gave up after waiting over 40 minutes on the phone.


Extremely dissappointed by the run around that i've been given and don't know where to turn to sign up for this. Not sure if anyone can assist me!

Shocking, Shocking treatment for new sales!


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Re: Being given the pass around`

In my experience Telkom don't have customer care just pass around and mess around service ,

I'm also new joined 12May 2017 had 9 different tec at my residence took a brand new router back for repair not exchange (don't exchange new stuff)

The best advice is to look for a different service provider because once Telkom give you the contract your problem starts

 Don't use Telkom is my advice now struggling to cancel the deal which was never asked for just spend 4 hours resolving nothing, And I know no response back

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