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CABLE faulty so landline and ADSL line not working and it will take 3 weeks to fix - solutions?

HI there,

Wonder if anyone knows how you get around this problem:


Landline and ADSL line went down mid March - I logged a fault with telkom on their online system (14 March 2019). That worked well as a nice technician came out the next day.  He worked out that it was a cable fault.  He said he would tell TELKOM abt the problem. Seems he is an 'outsourced' worker - not directly working with TELKOM but working for them.  Great i thought - fault logged and sorted and should be repaired relatively soon.


That was not the case:  I have been phoning telkom everyday (10210). Problem still not resolved (here i will not go into the details about the various interesting strategies i was told to employ: like if you see an opensource van in the neighbourhood ask them for progress etc / and how they said it was a bulk problem one day and then it was not the next day and how recently they said it was my service provider MWEB's problem - and MWEB said it was not their problem it was TELKOM's)


Yesterday a second technincian came out.  He figured that the cable was faulty (same diagnosis as Technician # 1 on 15th March 2019).

[Now that seems an unnecessary delay and a waste of resources - 12 days later you come up with the same diagnosis and nothing has changed in the interim)?


Last night i discoverd that my landline is working - but working next door in my neighbour's house - so its got switched somewhere along the line.  And there is nothing telkom can do about this - they can only switch it back when the cable is fixed - so if my neighbour decides to phone friends and family overseas - and spend lots of my money - there is nothing i can do about it.


Today the telkom service consultant said it will take 3 weeks for the cable to be fixed - and i work from home - so without landline and ADSL line - it will be 1.5 months with no connectivity.   Any ideas from 'the community' about who i can speak to in telkom / what i can do about a faulty cable that will down for another 3 weeks?


Trying to remain calm - but hard in situations like this,



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