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Cancellation of landline service

I am struggling with Telkom to cancel my landline since 24 December 2017. 

I have emailed everything they requested and all I get back is the acknowledgement of receipt that was sent by Telkom.

When I send a follow up email to find out why it was not cancelled as I keep getting a bill that is expected to be paid. 

They then email me back to tell me to send the form and a copy of my ID document. I have sent it again and they acknowledge my email but still nothing.

I again got a bill to pay for a line I am not using. 

I tried phoning but am not getting through as the consultants are busy.

Are you able to assist as this should have been cancelled in January 2018 already but no one is getting back to me.

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Re: Cancellation of landline service

Hi @jezzie, we do not man this platform with service agents, rather it is for peer 2 peer support. We have recenlty added an online form to fill in and submit a cancellation that goes straight to our backend. There is still a 30 day notice period and you might have to upload supporting documents during the process.


Check this post - https://community.telkom.co.za/t5/Any-Other-Internet-Discussions/How-do-you-cancel-a-Telkom-Service/...

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Re: Cancellation of landline service


Apparently the 'servcancellation' option is no longer available. One has to cancel services online. The problem is when I log into my account it says 'no accounts available' so I cannot cancel my internet service online. When I eventually got to speak to a callcentere agent she said that she had gone through the list of steps she had available and my cancellation could not not be effected as a result. The problem is I'm being billed for a service that is not working and nobody can assist me.

Will I get help if I went to the Telkom office in Commissioner Street, Johannesburg? I'm desperate! Nobody seems to be able to help me.

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Re: Cancellation of landline service

I have gone onto the manage my account page, but the cancellation of services box is not available, just the other three boxes, what do I do now?

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Re: Cancellation of landline service

To whom this may concern.  I have gone in store at Telkom N1 City on the 23 March 2018.  I have completed a cancellation form which was submitted whilst I was in store.  To date after numerous e-mails, submitting my proof/evidendence, engaging your call centre, gone back to the store, sending emails again I still have no response, no cancellation, no agent contacting me.  Every month my bill is increasing  which I simply refuse to pay.  I urgently request that a manager contact me to address this.  If there was an option to attach all emails sent I would....


Your service delivery really leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, never again will I opt to ever use your services again.  All I want is for someone to contact me to assist me to cancell, to stop sending me monthly statements WHICH religiously comes every month for a service I requested to be cancelled since March 2018.


My contact nr:  083 778 7080



Account # 419901390659

Service # to be canelled:  TIN2125008



Mrs Karen Gentry

083 778 7080

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Re: Cancellation of landline service

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