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Cancellation of landline service

I am hoping someone in the forum can help me - I am desperate.


I have been trying to cancel my Telkom landline since October 2015, with no success. The local branch does not deal with cancellations so, as instructed, I have sent emails containing the cancellation form and copies of my ID on 26 October 2015, 25 June 2016 and 24 September 2016. In each case acknowledgement of receipt was sent by Telkom.


My service has still not been cancelled. Where do I go from here.???? Is this a common problem?





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Re: Cancellation of landline service

Hi @gbuultjens I sent you a PM. Please read the secon one as well for the change.

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Re: Cancellation of landline service



Hope I can get a response from Telkom , I have placed a cancellation of my landline last year on the 6 october 2017 and I am still been billed for this service , I have called the support number numerous times and still have not received any service of this as of yet.


The reference number is 7803979 


What do I need to so so that Telkom can stop the billing ?



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