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Complaint regarding delayed order and conflicting information

Good day


I want to file a complaint regarding an order made by my company 3 weeks ago. We explained to our Telkom representatives that we need the order to be completed by the 2nd of January when our office reopens. One of our reps told me that the installation was scheduled for the 19th of December but no technicians arrived. She said she will try to have them rescheduled for the 21st, and no technicians arrived on that day either.


Since both of our representives are on leave then week, I have been communicating with call center agents who all have different reasons to why our order has not been completed yet. I have been told:


  • That the technicians will arrive any day now
  • That the requested hardware is ready and is waiting for a technician to be assigned
  • That the installation will only take place on the 2nd of January as no technicians are available
  • That the hardware is still by the supplier and it will have to be couriered, which will only happen after the 7th of January

The order is vital for our company due to the nature of our work and I have personally been working at our office everyday business day this week hoping that the technicians will arrive. Can someone please provide me with the contact details of the person I can escalate this matter to? I have asked two call center agents that I want to speak to their manager to which they responded by putting me on hold indefinetaly.

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Re: Complaint regarding delayed order and conflicting information

ordered in Jan 2019, your Jan 2019 ADSL deal of R807, and  I have endless problems since then. I posted my distress in Hello Peter & Facebook and had feedback once.


My problems started when after calling a couple of times an agent told me that I have to pay for R700 , she gave me an account number which was incorrect, I called back and a different number was given, which worked, but when I called on the 12/02,  I was told the money was paid into the wrong account (paid on 07/02/2019).  Agent explained it takes 7-14 days for the money to be transferred and this could not be  fast tracked despite it being an error on your, then I took to social media complaining and the transfer was done  (REF 27037574).



I called spoke to Zipho and she said she cannot see the R700 and referred me to Billings, she could not transfer I had to redial. I then spoke to Wendy at billings and she could see the payment and referred me back to orders and again I had to redial she was unable to transfer me. I then spoke to Slethmba she then saw the payment, and advised me that she is waiting on technical department to confirm date for installation and this can take up to 21 days from date of order


19/02/2019: Iyanda – Offline


05/03/2019: Shanice Gabriel  (Manager Assist) (REF 376505115A)

Advised my original order was cancelled due to technical issue however an new order was not done, she re-submitted  and advised that technical will call by weekend to confirm installation date.

She advised all my calls will be drawn and investigated, as I have explained all information received was incorrect.  – NO-ONE DATE WAS CONFIRMED.


08/03/2019: Tasmia

Incident logged – technician went to wrong address as address – confirmed address again as I have done a million times


12/03/2019: Marcia

She had to cancel my order because the address was not verified and the order will not pull through to technician


15/03/2019 – Nomumelelo – REF 1152455

Advised technician will install on 18/03/2019


18/03/2019: Nozibusi  - REF 326454595

There is no order for today for installation, the ref number 1152455 does not exist. There is no installation date specified by technician.  My husband has taken leave to be home for the installation, so who is going to pay him back for this leave day, a day that was confirmed by your agent for the installation and now there is no record of this call. 



I don’t know what to do anymore, I need this installation done urgently, because I need to work from home.  Every problem and hurdle I experienced was no fault of mine but your staff inefficiency and lack of product knowledge has caused me so much stress, time and money. However no-one is accountable for anything. When I placed the order in Jan2019 I was told it can up to 21 days for installation, 3 people I know ordered after me but has the devices installed already, after I referred them to the deal.  Please tell me what to do cause I really have no idea.


REF 351137939A – TV Lit Box – Received

REF 349091173A – Range extender – not received.


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