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To Whom it may concern.


I would like to log an official complaint about the terrible service I have received from your company. I have called you numerous of times with the occasional live chat interaction in between with no satisfactory solution.


Each and every time I call there is not a single agent who can provide me with the relevant update and I am constantly being told that someone would call me, to date I have not received a single call from your company or these so called technicians that was due to call me which results in a **bleep**ty customer service experience.


Do you guys not feel the need to keep your consumers happy or is it easier to just say someone will call you back without having the matter resolved.


I am disappointed in your company and want to know what you will be doing to remedy this matter?


How can you employ technicians that allows a fault to run for nearly a month as this was originally logged on the 16th August 2017.


If this matter is not resolved in a satisfactory matter I will escalate this to the ombudsman.



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Re: Complaint

We can't complain about the service from Telkom because there are none.  Lightning has struck my landline on the 25/12/17 and Telkom still can't manage to fix the line.  I am currently paying Telkom for no line and MWeb for internet that I can't use.  Telkom keeps on saying

it is my router en MWeb says my router is fine it is the line.  I am so sick and tired of phoning and logging calls for this.



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