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Enough is enough !!!!

My home landline hasnt been working for more than a month. Each time I send a fault sms or phone Telkom to report a fault its always yes, we will get it fixed. I then get an sms giving me a fault number. A day later another sms arrives to advise the fault has been restored. What rubbish!!!!  Who on earth checks this?? and when I phone to complain, they "dont know" and put another fault report through.  Why on earth must I pay for a service that doesnt work and have unending headaches trying to get someone to fix it???  I dont need this.  I have just requested that the line be disconnected.  I receive an email with a form to fill in AND I MUST GIVE 20 DAYS NOTICE TO HAVE IT DISCONNECTED.  WHAT THE HELL !!!!!!!  Not going to happen.

There are so many people having problems with Telkom service, its a surprise they are still in business.

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