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FLLA and another phone (or fax)



Does anyone know if I can connect a fax machine to a FLLA or another phone? We have 2 jacks in different rooms. With the actual line, one can just plug another device in.


Can any internet bundle be loaded on a FLLA? eg. a softcap month to month?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: FLLA and another phone (or fax)

Why is there no reply to this post????

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Re: FLLA and another phone (or fax)

Has there been any respone 

I also need to phones to ring in two differenct places of the house at the same time


How do I connect another phone to FLLA thats setup in the kitchen



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Re: FLLA and another phone (or fax)

Has there been any response?

I am looking to add a second device to the FLLA wifi phone that was dropped off at our house

I need the call to ring in 2 separate rooms



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Re: FLLA and another phone (or fax)

This seems to be a major setback, as I believe that you are unable to plug anything into a "FLLA" phone. I was called with a request to move to an FLLA, and I asked if my alarm system could connect to it - they could not answer so I declined the offer. I have since upgraded my wired alarm to a radio connection with my security company in case Telkom just decide to do the change to FLLA anyway (I have heard of this happening to some people, and the FLLA not being put into service for weeks at a time).


Telkom do NOT ask if you have a wired alarm system that dials the security company, so please note that your alarm will no longer work when the physical copper line is disconnected. This could lead to serious problems for customers/insurance claims.


I also have a wireless phone with a base station connected via a fax/printer/copier and a secondary wireless phone in another part of the house, and I expect that none of these will work with the FLLA.


There are cordless digital bluetooth phones that can pair with mobile phones, but I do not know if you can pair these with the FLLA phone supplied by Telkom -and then you could not plug in your fax machine anyway, unless you purchase a new fax/printer with bluetooth technology?


If you need to continue to "Fax" without a landline, you will need to subscribe to an Internet fax service. With this service your "Fax" becomes an electronic document for the most part, since you as the sender, attaches a document to an e-mail message and sends the email to the fax service. The fax service then forwards the document to the destination fax number. The document can be a scan of a paper document, or it can be created in a writing program on your computer.


This is something that Telkom do NOT seem to have thought through as they do not offer alternatives.


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