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Faulty Lines and Internet Service - More than Six months worth

Hi Guys.


I have had my Telkom landline and Internet since a 512k line was considered fast and upgraded over the years until i now sit with a 10mb Uncapped line and telephone line with mostly free calls.


Recently (last six months) this service has been intermittent and either my landline or internet will go down for weeks causing endless frustration. To fix this i got an additional LTE contract 100mb and installed a switch so it automatically switched from ADSL when down to my LTE router.


My current problem however is causing me endless sleepless nights, my landline is used to tun a small business from home and this latest episode is now entering the forth week where my line states when called that the "number does not exist".


Obviously this is incredible inconvenient and loss of business is incalculable, hence my open letter in this forum.


What are my options or solutions as clearly the copper line infrastructure has Completely Failed!


Can I port my landline number to a wireless option and maintain my benefits? Does this affect my ADSL line? Is there a better option and can a PABX be linked to a wireless line if expanding or do I have to get several of them?


I just cannot get answers from Telkom and hope that some moderator or user or superuser would be able to guide me in this maze of death.


Thanks in advance and even if you have no solution thank you for at least reading.


Wheena22 - Amanzimtoti

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Re: Faulty Lines and Internet Service - More than Six months worth

howzit @Wheena22 Telkom's got this intergrated data sim that allows you to connect on 3G/LTE and uses of your ADSL cap. Now you say you are on uncapped, so there is a FUP involved. You might want to contcat the call centre on 10210 and ask them to check coverage for WCDMA (fixed line look-a-like). It might be just what you are looking Smiley Happy

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