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Fixed Line Look Alike (FLLA) problems

Three weeks ago I received my new Telkom AGP-KW125 Fixed Line Look Alike phone. I installed the supplied SIM and waited another week until Telkom disconnected my copper wire service and activated my FLLA phone. It worked fine and I was able to make and receive calls.


A few days later I received an SMS to recharge with R208 for a years service so I went down to Telkoms office and brought enough airtime and the next SMS said that R208 had been deducted from my account. All well I thought, then Telkom locked my phone the same day.


Repeated calls to 10210 and 10213 resulted in nothing. I was referred to 10216 which is specific to FLLA phones but my locked phone would not dial that number and a normal Telkom line cannot access that number.

Very frustrated. What now Telkom?

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