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Fixed WiFi Phone - external devices?

I have tried various numbers (10213, 10210 and 0800 253 263) to try and get a matter resolved with regard to the new Fixed Wireless Phone roll-out.


We have two pensioners here in Napier, Western Cape that have a Pre-Paid landline - they have been advised that their line is being replaced with a WIRELESS Phone......... which seems great at first.

HOWEVER due to their age - 1st they have no Computer System - so no Internet use. The current landline connection in the house has an extension cable that allows them to have one phone in the Lounge and one phone in their Bedroom.

All their correspondence is also normally via typed or written letter, which they still use a Fax Machine to send and receive.


I recently assisted another pensioner with the setup of their Fixed Wireless phone and noticed that the phone does NOT have any facility to connect an extension phone or another cordless phone to – neither does it have another RJ-11 port to allow their Fax Machine to be connected.


Any chance anyone knows whether they could be supplied with a Wireless Phone that does have the connections present to allow the re-connection of their devices?

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Re: Fixed WiFi Phone - external devices?

A few weeks ago we received a call from a Telkom representative advising that us due to copper theft Telkom is looking at fazing out landlines and will be issuing us with a Wifi - handset which will use a simcard and will be at no cost. We thought lets see. Yesterday Courier It delivered the hand set and its atrocious. We have a Cordless phone and Telkom wants us to use a phone (3g FLLA WI - FI Phone by Dlink) that is not and it needs an electricity plug in to work. What is so frustrating is that they want to still charge us LINE RENTAL FOR A SIM CARD of +- R200 but we will have no line. They just using another terminology. As the phone needs electricity it will impact on my electricity bill. SOE so maybe they want to help Eskom out. Not Surprised. I can buy a sim Card for R5 and purchase airtime when I Need and yet they wanna charge me +-R200.00 a month for a sim card which does not include usage charges. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN THE LOGIC HERE.

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