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Impossible To Solve Service Problems

Where to start?


Our business owns 2 Telkom Landlines.

The one line stopped working early April and is still out of order.

The other line stopped working 2 days ago.

We asked for Fault Forward to be activated so that we can receive calls on a cell number.


We know this as the faulty line keeps ringing all day long (we are unable to pick up the call)


We have tried: Contacting 10213 to have the service 'refreshed': 5 times

Contacting 10217 to have the service 'reconfigured': 3 times

Asked to speak to a Supervisor: 3 times - each time the call is dropped after a long wait (24 minutes)


To worsen things: we have no working landline left and have to make the calls from a cell phone.

If you phone 10217 from any (MTN) cell, you get a message to say that you have inefficient airtime (not true) .

Now you call 10213 and try to explain why you need to be transferred to 10217 (which at firts they always refuse to do).


Meanwhile: Our business is losing many customers every day!


Any ideas, anyone?




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Re: Impossible To Solve Service Problems

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Hi @Francois3


Sorry to see this, extremely frustrating not getting decent feedback from the call centres .

We’re also customers in the forum & unfortunately can’t help with service issues ( no Telkom support agents here).


But if you haven’t already done so, try posting full details of your forwarding issues & both line fault refs to a Telkom media support team for urgent escalation -  they’re usually best for good response & results (and/or email them). 

Be sure to mention both faults are business lines.


Facebook: TelkomZA

Twitter:    @telkomza

email :


Hope this helps, good luck.

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Re: Impossible To Solve Service Problems

Thanks for the advice, I tried this and guess will have to wait to see if anything happens...

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