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Land line not working from 5th February

Our landlines have been down from the 5th February and i've called the call centre almost every day to follow up with and got same respose "they are workig on the problem". For some strange reason the fault was closed (but not resolved) and i had to reopen the fault on the 12th... needless to say that it seems like the fault was only opened on the 12th. I've asked for a manager to please get back to me but nobody has and its been weeks...! has anyone else had a similar problem? 

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Re: Land line not working from 5th February

Manager? Ha ha ha, ha ha ha. Don't think there are any in Telkom. I've got a dead line since 02/12/2017. On my 6th fault ref number.
Good luck to you
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Re: Land line not working from 5th February

Yes, not only have a I had this problem but I continue to have it everyday. Much like cancer, there seems to be no cure for this disease we call Telkom

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