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Land line not working

We have a problem with our landline.  The internet is working, but we cannot make calls or send faxes on the land line.  We logged the fault online and telephonically.  That was on the 28 June 2017, but we still have no resolution of the problem.  We received a message from Telcom on the 12 July 2017 indicating that Ref 316CRZ280617 report problem has been restored.  But out landline is still not working.  It is dead not even a dial tone.   At times, the phone would ring, but when we pick it up, the phone is just dead.  So please help Telkom or someone.  Because I really feel that Telkom is giving us bad service and I feel like leaving them altogether.


Thanks in advance

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Re: Land line not working

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That is terrible.


Coming into your home is a phone line. Within that line are 4 wires.


Two of those wires are needed for your landline


The same two are also needed for your Internet but even with one your Internet will work albeit not at 100%


So one of the wires is making an intermittent connection or has a bad splice.


If you go outside can you see if your line looks like it's been cut anywhere?
Or where it arrives at your house can you see if one of the wires is not connecting properly in the phone jack?

Just be careful because if you're touching the lines when someone tries to call you there's at least a 100V ringing voltage on the line!


The fastest way to get this resolved is send a DM tweet to @telkomsa    

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Re: Land line not working

@PatsyGirl, also check your POTS Filter. Its a little box that plugs into your wall jack and your Telephone in turn plugs into that box. This filter splits the DSL and voice signals so that you can use both at the same time on the same copper line.


If it is faulty, you might have issues. If you swopped it and still faulty, report the fault again.

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Re: Land line not working

Landlyn alweer sonder lui toon


kan nie eens 10210 bel nie


fix die probleem


Gaan al so vir n jaar dan werk hy dan is hy dood dan is my adsl weg dan is daar stastiek


fix die probleem

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Re: Land line not working

The staff are so incompetent when your call in! They just laugh and giggle on the phone while some of us have serious problems with the service provider

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Re: Land line not working

Hi all 

I work for a firm of Dentist and my line is not working for the past 2 weeks now. First ReF No: 572465146 and still not fixed and then i had to report another line on a different Ref NO: 308CRZ050218. This is Ridiculous how are we suppose to run a a surgery with lines that are out of order for such long periods of time. it could be a matter of life and death situation and due to telephone lines that are out of order we can not help the next person.


regards - a very unsatisfied customer.


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Re: Land line not working

We seem to be experiencing same challenge in our landline. There was an outage in our area 2 weeks ago due to stolen cables, when Telkom finally restored the services, only internet services was restored not the voice service. We have called Telkom several times but the call centre agents do not seem to understand the issue. Here are the 2 ref no: 22944507 and 22782669. I also share the same sentiments that Telkom is giving a bad service, I feel they should train more knowledgeable technical agents that can understand issues at first hand, without frustrating the end users or customers.

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