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Line cancelled - still being billed - can I dispute

Hi all,


I cancelled my services for a line on 6 September 2018.

I am aware of the 30 day notice thus I accepted being billed in October.

However when I received my November invoice I saw that I am charged for the line from 4 November to 3 December.


Upon querying this I was told that this is correct as this is the "final settlement" for the cancelled line.


But this is then a 90 day cancellation period and not their 30 days as they require.


Can I dispute this as I am also aware that they will suspend my other services and number if I do not pay this amount.


I am just looking for advise how to handle this as I am overall at my witts end with Telkom - from ADSL line speed, to call out fees charged where no call out happened to having my line suspended for charges I have not been invoiced yet.


I am over the call centre as they are not of help at all (which I understand - they can also just say what they are told)



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Re: Line cancelled - still being billed - can I dispute

Hi @Dom1989


Sorry to hear you’ve battled like this - wish we could help but we’re  customers in the forum. ( no other link to Telkom).


Telkom usually adjust any credit due on your final bill.  Maybe worth a last call to 10210 accounts to lodge a dispute - they were very helpful when we had issues last year .


Otherwise, if you were given a formal Telkom ref., their criteria ( below) was met,  your cancellation ref. is older than 60 days, and you’re positive that their final bill is wrong , you could submit a complaint / billing dispute to ICASA:- 



 Telkom criteria :- 

  •  You will get a reference number when you submit your request to Telkom. You will need this reference number if at any point you need Telkom to escalate your request.
  •  If you have any ISP services with other service providers, you will need to cancel those services BEFORE you submit your request to cancel your Telkom services.
  •   Any Telkom services still in their contract phase may incur penalties.
  •  If you wish to have any credit balance refunded to you once you receive your final bill, please log a dispute with Telkom Billing on 10210. 


Hope this helps. Good luck - please let us know outcome. 


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Re: Line cancelled - still being billed - can I dispute

how do i cancel my contract with this crap company? they keep on refering me to the web link but nothing is working

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Re: Line cancelled - still being billed - can I dispute

Similar thing happened to me.

I'm getting my personal banker to reverse the attempted theft from my bank account each time they try it.

I am also openeing a case at the local police station of attempted theft against Telkom.

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Re: Line cancelled - still being billed - can I dispute

telkom sucks

i have been trying to cancel my landline for more than a year now.


good luck - hope you have more success than what i had

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