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Line dead for 7 weeks

My Telkom line went down on 8 Feb 16. Since then, I have logged 4 faults to have this resolved:


Each time I call the Telkom Support Centre, they have confirmed that there is a fault on the line. I have called to escalate twice, spoken to 3 supervisors, arranged to be onsite for the engineer to investigate (who didn't bother to pitch) and my line is still dead. My previous faults were closed without the technicians confirming that the service was restored.

Its almost 7 weeks and the Telkom Support Centre says they are unable to assist further. I cannot speak of any other managers since the issue apparently lies with the technical team and the Support Centre can't transfer client calls, but neither can they do anything other then send an email. I have had to constantly call Telkom for updates!

In the interim, Telkom has no issue billing me for a service which has not worked for almost two months.

How can this be acceptable? Does it seriously take over 7 weeks to investigate a fault? 

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Re: Line dead for 7 weeks

Wow. That's bad .... I have no words

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Re: Line dead for 7 weeks

Sounds like a similar experience we had. I have been informed that the telkom prioritise the postpaid telephone lines above prepaid. So you may wait a long time for nothing to happen. 


Perhaps ask them to cancel the current service and raise a request for a new line. At the same time, ask them to recycle your old number onto the new service. This approach worked for us.


Good luck!

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Re: Line dead for 7 weeks

Thanks for the reply.


i do have a postpaid line......


I have tried escalating again...will see what happens....

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Re: Line dead for 7 weeks

Issue finally resolved! the cables between the Telkom pole and my home needed to be replaced. 

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Re: Line dead for 7 weeks

my line has been down for over 3 months. each time i contact Telkom call centres they advise it has been resolved when i am still in actual fact sitting with no phone - thats not too bad as my ADSL line was working then

in the last 2 weeks my ADSL line as now also gone down. regardless of the +- 50 hours stdby calling Telkom with my CELL phone i have not had any joy.

i call telkom call centre on Wednesday and asked to speak with a supervisior approx 21h00 after being on standby again for over 40min the person i spoke to should never have been employed as a call centre operator - when requesting to speak with a supervisor was advised they did not wish to take my call and speak with me. 

yet i am still told to pay me bills or they will cut me off

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Re: Line dead for 7 weeks

I am currently experiencing the same frustrating problem as you. Im in Jhb, Sandton and slow to non-existent download speeds began on my adsl back in November 2015. I have reported to the fault more times than I can remember and only in January 2016 did the first technician arrive at my home. Although he tested the line etc and confirmed that a fault existed, after replacing the line from pole to pole he tested the speed again but it remained the same. He then said that the fault was at the local exchange and that he would inform "qualified" personnel concerning this. Needless to say, he proceeded to close the complaint and nothing further was done.

Since January 2016 I receive 100kbps from 6am to 10am and 20-30kbps the rest of the time. This on a 4 mbps line which should I fail to promptly pay each month....would be cut.

Each time I have reported the fault the level of rudeness from the 10210 staff increases and each report then results in a 1-2 week waiting period before a "technician" is apparently at the local exchange repairing said fault. Nothing changes however except for the fact that each time the fault is simply closed by the "invisible" technician, resulting in the entire procedure all over again.

On the 25th Jan I repoted the situation to ICASA and have since then even gone so far as to travel to their offices to express my complete dissatisfaction with how the entire matter is now beginning to appear very personal indeed. According to ICASA, upon receiving my complaint they notify Telkom and grant Telkom TWO WEEKS to respond. Telkom will naturally respond later that the fault is closed. And for me the entire procedure begins again.

I found the Telkom HQ number through a chatsite (since it conveniently does not get published anywhere on the Telkom site) and even reported the situation to them along with the financial figures of my losses to income due to an internet based business I managed which has now been forced to close down.  STILL NO SATISFACTION!!

I have even paid an independant tech to test the entire adsl I am using and he confirmed that the fault is at the local exchange.

This frustrating feeling of helplessness is quickly morphing into deep rage.


I fail to understand how ANY company can treat a paying clientele the way Telkom does, and not expect some form of terrible backlash. But then again, maybe it is only in the civilized world where the customer actually has any rights

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Re: Line dead for 7 weeks

I have reported to telkom the faults






My voice line is dead

My adsl is unuseable

When I phone 10210 from my cell for progress they tell me the fault is closed because they fixed the line. its never been fixed its dead

They told me they would reopen the faults but every time I phone for progress they tell me they closed the job because my line works.



Ive tried online Ive tried 10210,

Ive read this community chat, telkom says come here for answers, but, like me, I see only complaints on this community chat .....theres no help or answers & Just people telling you  are using the wrong platform to complain.

I've checked my line outside,  Ive disconnected my adsl filter

Ive done as much as i can from my side.  My line is dead

I need my line fixed

How do you get someone to come fix your line??????  TELKOM KEEPS CLOSING MY FAULT, AND I KEEP RE-OPENING IT


I am100 percent sure the company I work for would be out of business if we gave service like this, our company would not exist,  there is no way we could survive giving this type of non existant service. We respond to our callouts within a few hours and repair our customers machinery timeously and professionally.


This dragging on and on and on.  It wastes energy, time, and money



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Re: Line dead for 7 weeks

Line been reported on 5 August 2017 but telkom can not find someone to fix the fault. But

More importantly there is no alternative to Telkom. Telkom therefore has no opposition and rule the waves. It is about time that somebody wakes up and creates another service provider in South Africa so that there can be competition. If that happens Telkom will not last for long as it services are pathetic.

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