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Moving ADSL & fixed line

I am still waiting for my landline/ADSL line to be moved to our new property since October 2017.


i have contacted telkom almost daily since November and have a long trail of false promises, deflections, false assurances, excuses and sorries. I am yet to speak to anyone with the ability/authority to even give a status update or indication of what the hold up is, let alone when it will be resolved. I have made use of all forms of communication set out by telkom as the suggested channels to use and have had the common theme of incompetence and lack of action from each one.


We have now had to resort to contacting ICASA in order to get some form of way forward. It is sad that the service you give is so far from the impression you are trying to make. Telkom's marketing implies a story far removed from the truth of what the customer truly receives and i can only feel for the employees who are constantly bombarded with the issues of these customers as a result of poor service delivery from telkom.

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Re: Moving ADSL & fixed line

I am going through the same issue:


Went into Telkom Northgate to advise them of me moving (in the same complex) and ask for change of address and move line etc. It has been a week and I popped in again yesterday and was told that my query isnt even completed yet? No sms notification that I am atleast on their list of things to do. Bascially sitting with a half complete application with no promise of getting sorted out. Any advise on what to do?



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Re: Moving ADSL & fixed line

My wife and I are in the same predicament.


We were told there is a IT technical issue with submitting the order on the system but no one seems to be assistin or following

up on the matter


have you since come right ?

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