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No Feedback, No date for Install, No Landline activation.

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So i have decided to make a new topic so that people can see what telkom is up to.

I took the day off yesterday and camped at home all day waiting on telkom to configure my telkom line.


I received a sms a few days ago that stated my line will be installed Monday 13th June 2016 and that it is a whole day appointment.

I took the day off sat at home and waited and waited. At 1:23pm yesterday i received a second sms that said...


" Dear Customer, a Telkom tech has been dispatched to install your telephone line for your order ( 142547061 ) today. Your continued support is appreciated. Regards, Telkom."


So i taught to myself ok they definitly coming today ( 13 June 2016), i mean its clear they dispatched a tech to my place. Hours went by so i contacted customer care again and was told sorry i must wait 7-21 days. What does that supossed to mean? After receiving a date plus 2 sms's stating they are on there way but no show. I wasted a whole day at home just sitting and waiting for them. Now i must wait another 7 -21 days???


This needs urgent attention as i am not willing to randomly sit at home waiting for the hope that a Telkom Tech MIGHT pitchup

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