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No Response from Telkom

Hi, I have been trying to get my ADSL line cancelled since November of 2017 . I have been into their shops, sent email after email with absolutely no result. The line eventually cancelled in January 2018 with the promise that the charges will be reversed. The lady acknowledged that she noticed that the service has not been used for two months.  To date the charges has not been reversed. I have sent numerous emails to get it sorted. I went into the stores to get help just to be told, very rudely, that they cannot help me as they only do Sales and not problems. The lady did , on my insistance, noted something on the computor and said somebody will call me. I am still waiting for that call. 


I have made interim payments to show my willingness to have this resolved. Just to be handed over to some collection agency. The woman did not introduce herself properly. She said she works for telekom   and that my service will be discontinued. I requested contact details of someone that O could contact and explained the call centre, email situation. Believe you me, she toldme to file my greivance with the same people that is no responding or doing anything about it. SHE DID NOT KNOW andy other number....


Now, I ampulling out my hair. I would like to have the service of a telephone , for which I dont mind to pay, but how on earth do I get this resolved and my service back in line, short of paying telekom what they want from me and this whole thing dies down.


Please help

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