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No communication from Technician?



I was scheduled for a land line installation yesterday the 11/05/2016. I left work early, because I had no idea what time the Technicain would really come & the sms that I recieved odly had a time of 07h30 until 16h00 on, which is basically my entire work day. I arrived home at about just after 12, hoping that I might be lucky & the Technicain would come by inbetween that time until 16h00. Security informed me I just missed them. No one ever called, to say that they were 10 minutes away from my premises. That's how close my work is to my home. But I read online that this is the norm, Telkom Technicains never communicate to cusomers when they will pitch. You litterally have to take a day leave at work to have a 80% chance of getting the installation done. Unless you are unlucky and they do not pich at all, which also happens. Then I recieve a weird sms that the Technicain have been dispatched for Landline Installation way past the scheduled time, around 19h00 I believe it was?


I just really want to get my phone installed. Want to add ADSL on the line in the next few months as well, but just so upset I was so close to not being one of those negative Telkom people online. Either way, we need Telkom in this world. Please help, anyone from Telkom.


Order no is 141017839.



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Re: No communication from Technician?

@Biep - this is sorry to hear.  I was really hoping that Telkom technicians were the unsung heroes in the story.  I get the feeling that these guys are forever playing catch up but I don't think any of that is an excuse for not providing the feedback or advance warning to customers as to when they would be expected to pitch.  A perfect situation would be that there was an app which you could use to make an appointment by which you can also track the technicians where abouts.  Maybe one day..


Hope your issue has been resolved since?

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Re: No communication from Technician?

in the exact same boat at the moment, scheduled for today 06/02/2017. So far I received the sms this morning, but that is it. 



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Re: No communication from Technician?

Received my phone call this morning 23/02/2017 @ 8:24AM from the Techie saying that he will come @ 12:00 PM. Still waiting. Seems like it's the norm for techies to make appointments and just never show up. And then we have comments justifying why they don't show. What happened to customer service! I even sent him a message asking if he is still coming, but are we. Just some customers who are expected to just sit back and be taken for a bunch of fools.

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Re: No communication from Technician?

same boat supposed to arrive today between the same time frame and yet no communication

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Re: No communication from Technician?

I have reported my fault 3 weeks ago on 549CTK120218, and have received text messages weekly, telling me the problem was being dealt with. Last Sunday 4th March I received a phone call from the techniocian telling me that he would be at my home later that day, and yet .... nothing. The lines were taken down by a tree in November, and temporary repairs were done a few weeks after that, now there is no support.

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