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No competion, no choice

No competition for you in SA; no choice for the consumer. No working phone for 6 weeks. Call 338CTK21115 closed without the phone being fixed. Call 282CTK231215 - escalated 795799. 4 different technicians have been at my house, no resolution!! Incompetence??? you decide.


OH! and i did complain on hello peter as well. got a reference number on that call also. SM173471. guess what? still no phone line

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Re: No competion, no choice

I agree, they don't seem to care, since they have no local competition.


I have spoken to at least 10 different call centre agents, racking up almost 4 hours of calls to the call centre, and despite being promised that a technician will come look multiple times, nobody has shown up.


There are broken wires dangling from the telephone pole, but Telkom doesn't seem to care.


Even after speaking to a supervisor, and being promised (again), nothing happens.


I've escalated the fault twice, and they've closed it twice without doing anything.

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