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No feedback from Telkom

I have been without service since 28th of March. Fault was logged on 29th March 75CRK290318.. received plenty of sms saying they are on it....until 10 April...then nothing.... I call in for progress they tell me it is linked to a bulk fault....but everyone else in my street who were affected have service since 7 April...but not me.

Now because my fault is linked to the bulk fault which is still open nothing is bring done about my line.

Is there anyone I can contact who can understand what the problem is....not just tell me it is linked?
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Re: No feedback from Telkom

Hi @Camarge


Send a private message with these details and your fault ref to a Telkom media support team - they usually help speed things up and will send you proper feedback :


* Facebook: TelkomZA

* Twitter:   @telkomza

& email the same to ( my issues were fixed after that)


Good luck, hope this helps.

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