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No landline since migrating to wifi

I change my internet connection to wifi but still want my landline.However Telkom has now cut my ads and my land lone,fault reported on 14Nov according to telkom app resolved NOT.Rereported today.I definitely want to keep my land line and don't understand why changing to wifi means I lose my land line

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Re: No landline since migrating to wifi

Hi kerrymom


I think I somewhat understand your frustration. But dont give up hope yet. Copper theft is a reality these days and unfortunately you may be affected by this in some way. I have helped a few of my customers through this process and can be delayed somewhat.


The transfer of your telephone number is not a very long process and can be completed in about a week. Take the newly issued simcard and fix it into an ordinary cellphone for your to use while you wait for a battery operated GSM phone to be delivered to you. I have heard some rumours that Telkom limits the coverage of the landline to specific towers in your home area, but that is pure speculation at this stage.


Best of luck going forward.



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