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No line service since November 2017

Good day


I have no service on my line since November 2017, first it was apart of a bulk fault but now all the other people in my complex have been repaired. We continue to call and the agents can only add remarks to the fault, which gets escalated somewhere. Telkom only states fault waiting to be assigned to technician. I tried calling to speak to management but no luck. On the 12/02/2018 our ADSL came online but that was because our line 031 467 1121 was swapped with the number 031 467 2895, however the I had access to a 10mb line and perfect working ADSL. I called Telkom and advised what happen, the next day my line was given back to us and still dead. I requested that if I can have a working line by assigning me a new number they should do that. I do not use the line for voice only data. I have suggested it to Telkom with no response, I even had to query with them if the fault can be repaired, at first we thought it was a physical copper line problem, however we now know the physical line is working(when the number was swapped). We are 300 meteres away from Wentworth exhange. Up till now there is no technicain however I work in the same area as residential and the lines have been giving problems but there have been many technicians to site to fix issues the same day of fault or with the next. 

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Re: No line service since November 2017

Horray! You got a older fault than mine e.
I'm down since 02/12/17 and no hope in sight
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Re: No line service since November 2017

My fault repaired today after 15 weeks being down
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