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Noone showing up to install my line

My install was scheduled for Friday (an all day appointment) noone showed up, noone phoned or messaged me at all. The Telkom system sent this message last
"Dear Customer, a Telkom technician has been dispatched to install your telephone line for your order (156846744) today. Your continued support is appreciated. Regards, Telkom."

I've now taken my second day, today (Monday) off work but still noone has contacted me or showed up. I contacted customer service on "Chitchat" they said I had Tobe reconnected to sails, after 10min of waiting for that reconnection I was "disconnected by the server", after returning to chit chat and waiting 15min for help I gave up, sent an email and made this post.

When is someone coming to install my line?
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Re: Noone showing up to install my line

Hi @Storm Really sorry to read of this inconvenience. I sent your order number to the Telkom support team, and they've advised there is an installation date scheduled for 14 march 2017.

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