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Phone Lines down and no accountability for service delivery promises made

Not sure what more to do, I have been reporting our Telkom line being down since Tuesday. I realise after reading many posts that some people's lines have been down for months, which does not giveme much hope in having this reconnected. Our lines were hit out on Monday night the 15th January 2018. I reported it on Tuesday morning and was advised by the operator that a Telkom Technician would be contacting me later that afternoon, latest Wednesday morning to advise me when they would be coming through. Needless to say nothing happened so I called again on Wednesday morning to check the stauts of the fault that I lodged  the morning before and nothing was on record! So I lodged the fault again with Telkom, who then gave me an ascallation number 1058933 and said a Technician would be in contact with me that day to advise me as to when they would be abale to come through. 


Thursday came and went and nothing. It's Friday morning and I wish I could be optimistic, but honestly Telkom, you need to restore my faith in you. If you tell a customer that you will be attending to an issue, do you not feel that you should honour that commitment. I guess as South Africans, we have come to expect bad service, but this does not have to be the case. I expect more from you as our Coutries Telecommunication Service Provider, I know that you will not dissapoint me and so many of your other clients. 


Just remember, that we are paying for a service that we are not receiving, this is not right. If you continue to ignore our needs as clients, surely we should have the right to refuse to pay our bills? Its really this simple:


 - Service delivery = payment for such service delivery = happy supplier + happy client = business can continue to run

 - No Service delivery =  no payment = unhappy supplier + unhappy client = business cannot continue to run + loss of revenue


Do we really need to be doing this to each other?


I'm anxiously awaiting feedback from you Telkom!

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