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Phone line down for 7 months but Telkom does NOTHING!

Hi Guys and Gals, Have anyone ever experienced your Phone Line and ADSL being down for 7 Months and Telkom just does nothing? FaultRef: 256CRK130617 I cannot log a new case because my fault is still open. I have lost so much money by connecting with 4G etc. but Telkom does not care! I have now lodged a complaint with ICASA but I doubt that anything will happen. The call center has escalated the problem 20 times but to no avail. They also say that although I have been paying for my line that is not working for 7 months, they can only give me a Credit once the service has been restored!!!! Not good at all! Anyone with some advice? Cheers, Johan Unfortunately you will not be able to report a fault on the number provided, since a fault has already been reported on this service. Fault Reference number : 256CRK130617
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Re: Phone line down for 7 months but Telkom does NOTHING!



Good day.

My line have been off since AUGEST 2017.I report it every month and in December every day. Yet nothing happens.

I feel I have no other option then to cancel it unless it gets fix before tomorrow.


21213574   29.08.2017

21501278   16.10.2017

22043128   09.12.2017

22117269  21.12.2017

22123583  23.12.2017

22203753  04.01.2018



UB 118AEK131217


Please advise on what to do.


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Re: Phone line down for 7 months but Telkom does NOTHING!

om my gosh!

i am so sorry... i am only 34 days in and counting.... trust me i feel your pain!!!

i am now resorting to calling every day as opposed to once a week...


further i am taking up begging.... yes.. BEGGING... i am begging them to please SEND a TECHNICIAN to fix the line... 

and REFUND me... for the months of no use..


Are they still charging you for 7 months??


we need to stand up as a community and do something about them.... or get government to open telephone lines to external companies!

this is mad!

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Re: Phone line down for 7 months but Telkom does NOTHING!

[ Edited ]

I'm in the same boat, sinking. It's clear that Telkom does not care for its customers sufficiently to produce corrective actions timeously. On 3 Dec 17 a huge tree branch fell across my fence onto the neighbour's property. The neighbour's property has the servitude that runs parallel to mine yard fence, about a metre in and as high as the poles. The tree branch appears to have taken at leat 5 lines (ADSL and standard land lines) down. Since then, no service. It's clear that - in an apparent breach of Telkom personnel leave policy - that almost zero technicians/line teams are available over the festive period (Dec - halfwayJan).


My actions have included reporting it, getting a reference number (155CTK061217), visiting the Telkom store in Menlyn on 4 consecutive Thursdays, phoning 10210 at least 2 dozen times (I'm getting to know all the operators that staff this number! They are invariably friendly and quite professional in their attitudes, but their actions do NOT lead to solutions on the ground). Although I have been informed that a technician will contact me within 24 hours, that has not happened, even once. I have had to initiate ALL actions. I have now ascertained that MAYBE they will be at my residence on Fri 19 Jan.


So I have spent about R2000 on getting mobile data access for personal hotspots. As an independent academic researcher, with 4 tenants (one of whom is a full-time student at Tuks) that also rely on internet WiFi, this has been a disasterours few weeks. And EVERY day I see the Open Source technicians lounging about in their little bakkies at the Tshwane Free WiFi spot about 100m from my house, doing sweet Fanny Adams.


At this point, I'm looking seriously to commence a class action against Telkom, for their failure to comply with the reciprocity of service in return for my service payment, and also the fact that my rights under the Consumer Protection Act continue to be abraded, daily. We'll see what happens after the 'planned fix' tomorrow.

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Re: Phone line down for 7 months but Telkom does NOTHING!

Bulk fault in Vanderbijlpark SE7 area from December 2017 (cable stolen). Logged call and the call centre guys dont have sufficient information to provide since almost nothing its being done by the Telkom technicians, poor call centre guys that gets the punch from us but the real culprits (Telkom Technicians/management) are just driving up and down with Telkom cars fulfilling their personal needs. We as clients have to beg and pray that they should do their job.......very annoying

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